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InfiniSuite ERP is a new breed of cloud accounting software for SMEs and OEM partners that can be extended and customized to fit just about any business requirement. InfiniSuite's 'minimalist' approach provides a modern alternative to the bloated, monolithic ERP systems of the past.  


InfiniSuite ERP provides a solid core for back office management systems.  It lets you start with a clean, core feature set and then create new capabilities as needed using built-in scripting and customization features combined with a complete SDK and REST API. Each application is fullly extensible allowing you to adapt and customize the system to meet your specific business requirements.  

Dashboards, Reporting & Spreadsheets


Create complex dashboards that combine spreadsheets, KPIs, charts and graphs from multiple data sources.


Create searchable transaction reports using report widgets, script and SQL-like queries.


Create embedded spreadsheets for analysis, reporting and dashboards. Data can be pulled from multiple datasources.

Special Forms

Create special forms using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Reports are rendered using JsReport and can output to HTML or PDF and attached to generated emails.


InfiniSuite ERP is fully extensible which means that it can be customized without modifying the core source code. Customizations (i.e. extensions) are built in TypeScript or JavaScript using the builtin code editor and extend the core functionality to accommodate your specific business requirements. 


Extend any application to meet your unique business requirements. 

Built-in Code Editor

Use the builtin code editor to create all extensions. Support Chrome debugger.

Access SDK Functions

Use any SDK class or function in your extensions.


Use the SDK API functions or AJAX to access the REST API.


The InfiniSuite SDK is a modern cloud framework specifically designed for building high-performance business applications that can be extended and customized to meet diverse business requirements. InfiniSuite's ERP applications were all written using the InfiniSuite SDK providing a solid foundation for small to mid-sized enterprises and OEM partners to more easily implement leading edge back-office and e-commerce applications.

Complete Framework

The InfiniSuite SDK provides a complete foundation to build customizable backoffice applications.


An extensive collection of classes and functions that provide you with the tools you need to build backoffice applications. 


The SDK provides you with powerful widgets to expedite your project.  

TypeScript or JavaScript

Use TypeScript or JavaScript to build your application, extension or interface.


InfiniSuite ERP uses an industry standard REST API to access accounting data, execute business logic and execute custom scripts on the server. 

Execute CRUD operations on your data using standard REST verbs

- Create (POST)
- Read (GET)
- Update (PUT)
- Delete (DELETE)

Create and maintain complex business documents using the business objects and ACID compliant database transactions.

Query your data using standard REST URL syntax with Loopback filters.

Execute your own custom scripts on the server to perform complex data operations or create sophisticated integrations to 3rd party products and systems.

Professional Services

InfiniSuite offers professional consulting services by industry veterans to help ensure that your implementation is successful  

Requirements Gathering

Document your requirements and develop a plan for the implementation


Customizations & Interfaces

Develop all required customizations and interfaces


Implementation & Training

Configure the system as per the requirement and train your staff to use the system


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