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InfiniSuite offers extensible cloud based ERP software for small to mid-sized enterprises. InfiniSuite is a new breed of cloud software that can be extended and customized to meet any business requirement using built-in tools and 3rd party plug-ins. InfiniSuite's 'minimalist' approach provides a modern, lean alternative to the bloated, monolithic ERP systems of the past allowing our customers to more easily implement core features and then customize and extend where needed. InfiniSuite ERP is based on our proprietary InfiniSuite SDK framework designed specifically for building high performance business applications in cloud 2.0.

  Lee Mellinger, CEO

Lee is a serial entrepreneur and software engineer who has founded five fintech startups and was an original member of the Solomon Windows (now Microsoft Dynamics SL) development team. He specializes in bringing leading edge ERP technology to market and personally developed the initial InfiniSuite product.



InfiniSuite, LLC
Ann Arbor, MI  48103


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